Constituency/County Management System.

Simply smarter constituency/county management software. With Bungesoft communication with your constituents is a breeze, easily deliver the right information to the wananchi at the right time. With Bungesoft you will spend far much less time administering, and more valuable time doing the tasks that matter.


Bungesoft Is a robust constituency/county  management software which offers an unrivaled set of user friendly features that help you manage your constituency affairs including issues affecting wananchi, map out available amenities, identify resource needs , manage constituency development funds, allocate bursary ,schedule appointments, manage uwezo fund, connect and communicate with local wananchi/members of parliament& other key stake holders. Create constituency directory(for amenities, contacts of administrators etc) and a host of other management features. Bungesoft is entirely web based application, which means you have nothing to install and you can access it over any internet connection using your laptop,desktop,and even on any mobile device.

Bungesoft Features.

Interact and Communicate with your constituents-the easy way
Stay in touch with constituents with interactive sms and alert service. Easily send personalized sms to target groups within the constituency eg farmers, youths, university students etc.The sms Module is a breeze to use. Just upload the contacts from a simple excel file, type your message and press send-the easy way

Issue Management.
Give your staff the ability to collect, track, & manage constituents’ issues. Get first hand information on crucial issues affecting local wananchi, assign priority to issues and deliberate on them timely at the right time.

Constituency/county Management.
Bungesoft constituency management application stores all important contact and interaction data in one, centralized location. You’ll be able to view contacts of local administrators, contact of constituents, group affiliations, and proposed head of nyumba kumi other profile factors rapidly and without roadblocks.
Appointment Scheduling.
By providing complete group scheduling, calendaring and event management systems, Bungesoft will enable your staff to schedule important events &appointments happening at the constituency level and create agendas, and more — all in just a few clicks.

Advanced Search.
Searching in Bungesoft is easy and quick y. Our search function enables you to effortlessly search for what you are looking for.

Comprehensive Reporting
Bungesoft allows you to easily generate readable and printable reports such as …Reports may be saved, downloaded to Excel and generated into PDF and HTML for seamless creation and distribution

CDF Management module.
Find out how your CDF is being utilized at the constituency level. View CDF reports on CDF fund allocations, bursary disbursements, project voteheads, cdf finance expenditures and income. Bungesoft also allows CDF staff to allocate budget based on resource needs and priority.

Events and appointment scheduling module.
The event management features gives you the control to transform the way you do business. Securely and easily organize events and meetings, schedule appointments, manage deadlines and get timely sms alerts and more – all straight from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Bursary Management.
Our Bungesoft management software gives you a thorough and transparent control over bursary allocations in your constituency including bursary allocations, bursary allocations by school among others.

Uwezo Fund Management.                                                                                                                                   Uwezo fund management module easily enables you to gain insight on the impact of Uwezo fund in your constituency

Why Bungesoft?

Access Bungesoft, Anywhere,Anytime. Bungesoft is a web based application. Access and manage constituency office,CDF office, constituency reports and files safely and easily.
• Mobile gadget and and all browser compliant
• Easily and securely your constituency files and reports
• Desktop user-experience with comparable performance

Easy and timely reporting
Provide the wananchi through public access module with timely and informative reports such as bursary reports, event reports, and bunge event reports. It is so simple to create your reports. Print or export them for further slicing.

Helpdesk, user training and customer support.
We make your rendezvous process easy and fast. Bungesoft configurations are personalized to meet the needs of your constituents specific reporting and interaction requirements. You are up and running within minutes with continuing support via phone and site visits.

Secure and Safe.
With Bungesoft your data is secure and safe. With 24 bit level encryption and hard to crack user restrictions your can be sure your system access is safe.

Simple, elegant, available anywhere.
Easily access Bungesoft features from anywhere, anytime. All what you need is internet connection. Many users can also access Bungesoft from any location simultaneously.

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