GPS Vehicle Tracking Service.

Whether you are tracking one car or a whole fleet of vehicles, we know how important it is. That is why we offer real-time tracking devices for your car (s). Depending on the already-set parameters, our devices will update you on up-to-minute location and speed status of the vehicles, including email or text alerts.
We use the most recent technology in this industry to ensure you receive top-notch services because we know that securing your vehicle is one of the steps to securing your business.

Single-Car Tracking
We have a special package for those looking to ensure their personal vehicles. This package is crafted to ensure that you don’t have to go through the hassle of acquiring the features one by one – not mentioning the risk of leaving out some of the very important features.So our experts came up with a package that will see all your needs covered.

With it you have:
• The ability to track your vehicle from anywhere using your smartphone or computer via GPRS and SMS.
• An SOS button that can be used during emergencies.
• The ability to stop the car by cutting off the engine using your smartphone,SMS or computer.
• The exact location and monitoring of your car in case it has been stolen.
• A username and password that can give you online access to the tracking system.
• The ability customize how you get alerts like speeding and location.
• A power backup to last you up to three days and an alert for power disconnection or backup.
• Updated mileage reports.
• A complete history of vehicle location history.

If you want to know whether your driver is off-course or your teenage son or daughter has been driving on full-speed you have all the answers in your palms. By use of reports regarding past and current locations of the vehicle and the speed, you can make decisions and solve common on-track mysteries.

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