“This paperwork is too much. I wish I had a way to reduce it,” said one lawyer. “Maybe the case blew up because I was not well prepared,” said another. So we designed a system that does more than eliminate paperwork help you prepare for all your cases. It’s called SheriaSoft.

What It Does.

As a lawyer, you know that it has never been easy to manage your personal work, leave alone an entire firm. Designed, carefully developed and tested at Focweb Technologies is SheriaSoft. This is a soft that helps you manage all your work and contain it in a single location. The best news is, all your hardcopy is stored as softcopy. Thus, you are able to carry your office around – literally.
Manage Your Personal and Firm Documents More Easily
What if there was a better way to centralize details such as case notes, case files, case status, messages, appointments and tasks? SheriaSoft is your dream come true.
Also, get your case documents in order. You don’t need to worry about misplacing your documents anymore as the app helps you sort them in easy-to-access locations. Anywhere you go. All the time.
Assign and Follow Up Tasks
With SheriaSoft, you can assign tasks to different members of the firm and follow up on completion helping you handle the cases in a more systematic manner.
Sort Matters per Priority
The app has a User Dashboard where you can view cases according to priority. This way you can deal with the most important matters fast.

Advantages of the System.

  • Easy to Use: Unlike most related apps, SheriaSoft is not complicated.
  • Secure: You don’t risk losing you files or having them fall into wrong hands. The Sign-in details requirement ensures that only the right person accesses the contents.
  • Fast: You can quickly search for specific contents in the system. This saves you a lot of time that would have been wasted on manual or some other systems.

Our Products.

  • E-bursary management system.
  • Web app for business.

Our Services.

  • Web Design & Development.
  • Web Applications Development.
  • Mobile Applications Development.
  • Web & IT consultancy.
  • Bulk SMS & USSD Development.
  • Product Development Service.

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