Mobile First.

You can’t take chances with your app. You want a successful app for your business. One that works best with your business strategy. You need a functional UI/UX design and a team that is willing to make your dream a reality.

The Bad News: You look around and no one seems to have the capability to do that for you. The Worst Case Scenario: Someone promised to do that and they messed you up.

Result: Disappointment.

The Good News: You come here!

We Design Apps that Work
At Focweb, we understand the right math for mobile applications.
Great user engagement=Right ROI
To us, that is the app that works. An app that is not only user-friendly but also engaging in manner and design. We work to ensure that the app we design for you is exactly what you want or more. We want you to get the most out of it. Because We Know You Need That

The 21st Century is a “mobile-first” era. Spice that up with the all-smartphone millennials and you definitely see where we are going with this. Any business that does not include the mobile in its operations is as good as dead. Most of your customers and prospects find about your business through these devices. So it makes sense to invest in a nice cool app that not only advertises your business but also sells your services on the go.

What Do You Need?
Is it a social networking app for iOS or an Android app that ensures productivity by providing solutions to the problems you have to face every day whilst maintaining an untapped level of security? We will design it for you.
So, Why Settle for “Satisfactory” When There’s “Amazing”?-

Our Products.

  • E-bursary management system.
  • Web app for business.

Our Services.

  • Web Design & Development.
  • Web Applications Development.
  • Mobile Applications Development.
  • Web & IT consultancy.
  • Bulk SMS & USSD Development.
  • Product Development Service.

At FOCWEB, we believe that every idea has a solution the only limit is how far your imagination can reach ^_^