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E-tendering system in Kenya.

E-tendering system in Kenya.

The E-tendering system is a dynamic web procurement and tendering system in kenya that allows contractors to bid for tenders online. The system facilitates the application of tenders online and provides a dynamic secure backend platform for the management and the awarding of the tenders. Our system has successfully being piloted and used in a government state agency. The system can be used by any organization be it government institutions or private companies.

What are the advantages of our system?

Cost: It is cheap in the case that it reduces the paper work used in the manual system

It reduces the transport cost of the bidder since they can bid online.

Time:  It saves time for both the procurement team that has to create the tender.

It also saves the time of the bidder since they can do all there bidding at any location

Transparency:  With the security feature it has there is elimination of biasedness during the allocation of tenders since no one is able to access the tender until the tender opening date.

User friendly:  The system has been made so easy to use even for first times most of the steps are self-explanatory and straight forward, however there is a help feature that helps out just in case the user needs help.

Availability:  E procurement is a web based system hence can be accessed anywhere and at any time by both the procuring entity and the bidder.

Robust notification/alerts:  Any activity carried out in the system sends a notification to the person involved via email and text message. If you are out of office and a requisition is sent to you for recommendation you get an alert on phone via SMS or email.

Accuracy: The e procurement system is more accurate compared to the manual system.

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  • Date November 9, 2017
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