If you can Imagine It, we can make It!

So how long has that idea been stuck in your head? No, seriously, we’d like to know.

We are particularly interested in helping you make that awesome idea a real life solution. This is the first rule that drives every team member at Focweb Technologies. We are aware that the customer comes to us for one thing specifically: solutions. We decided to share this with you.

Tell Us What You Have in Mind.

The team at Focweb is a listening team. Simply come and talk to us about what you have in mind. Our job is to listen to you so as to get the foundation of this solution. This information is used in the stage where we create the grand formula. A blend of methods we believe will work well together.

Focweb Technologies is one of the fastest new product development companies in East Africa. It is made up of some of the industry’s best trained professionals who have had more than enough time solving problems like yours. Thus, we are confident that whatever it is that you have in mind, we will help transform it into a product that not only gets to the market but also stands out.

We work with you all the way and you can be sure no matter how busy we appear to be, we are actively listening to you. So, don’t wait any longer. You have more ideas to think about.
It’s Almost as if We are Inside Your Head.

Our Products.

  • E-bursary management system.
  • Web app for business.

Our Services.

  • Web Design & Development.
  • Web Applications Development.
  • Mobile Applications Development.
  • Web & IT consultancy.
  • Bulk SMS & USSD Development.
  • Product Development Service.

At FOCWEB, we believe that every idea has a solution the only limit is how far your imagination can reach ^_^